About Me

Ok, so first off I'm a musician.  I've never really had a real job, just playing, teaching, producing and recording music.  I attended Houston Baptist University and received a degree in Music Theory and Composition.  I started working for The High School Performing and Visual Arts and taught music theory, ear training, music history and the occasional odd class such as ethnomusicology.  A few years later, after earning a Masters in Composition,  I was asked by HBU to come back and teach some music theory and ear training classes, so I did that for about 7 years.  After leaving HSPVA and HBU, I spent a few years leading worship at a Baptist church.  After 5 years we parted ways and I opened a small recording and production studio, Eklektos Studio.  I attended a wonderful church, Brighton Church, and was part of the rotation of worship leaders in that church.  Most recently I've been hired by St. Thomas Presbyterian Church and have had a great time over the last year leading them in worship and learning what  Presbyterian's are.   When not working I love being with my family.  My wife and I have been married for 18 wonderful years, it seems like we just met. We have three beautiful children. Luke is 11 and attends Johnston Middle School, he plays the trumpet, guitar and loves to read.  Lei-leen is 6 attends Parker Elementary and loves to dance, sing and wants to learn the flute.  Levi is 2 and loves to smile and make his parents and siblings happy.  So take a look at the "My Family" page for pictures of everybody.

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