The CD's

Coming Soon:

My latest Cd is a collection of Improvisations and meditations, all of the songs are created by me using loops and instruments played by me.  Mostly it is my exploration on what can be improvised over a static harmony rather than more "traditional" harmonic progressions found in both jazz , pop or rock.  Or in less technical terms, can something last 4 or 5 minutes and hold the interest of the listener without resorting to complex progressions.   Most of the meditations aren't the kind of music you'd usually think of for meditations but I find them more calming than most meditation CD's.

You can purchase it at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby (buy it here I make more money), or most online music sources. 

"eclectic worship" was my first CD, it includes worship songs written by me and one or two old songs I've updated to my style.  It was a one man project that reflects my careful, conscience inability to find a style of music and stick with it.  Or, as my wife says, there is something on here to offend everyone, there is, in turn, something you may enjoy.  It can be bought online at all the usual suspects, but if you'd like, you can email me and I'll send you a physical copy with case and artwork wrapped in cellophane for the low price of $8 (usd) with free shipping to the continental United States.  If you personally hand my $5, I'll personally hand you the Cd (with case, artwork and cellophane.)  Seriously people I need to get rid of a few boxes of these things.

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